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Construction Trucks Idling on 9th StreetConstructionApr 26, 2017Construction04/24/171:00pm9th Street
Late workConstructionJan 16, 2017Construction1/16/174:18Construction site
Food delivery on 8th ave – BimmysVehicle obstructing roadDec 21, 2016Traffic12/21/168am8th ave
Boars head truck food deliveryVehicle obstructing roadDec 20, 2016Traffic12/20/168am8th ave
12/16 – Food delivery on 8th Ave (Bimmy’s)Vehicle obstructing roadDec 16, 2016Traffic12/15/168:00am8th Ave
12/15 – Beverage delivery on 8th Ave (NY OJ)Vehicle obstructing roadDec 15, 2016Traffic12/15/168:00am8th Ave
ParkingConstructionDec 13, 2016Construction12/13/20169:30am5th st below 8th ave
ParkingConstructionDec 13, 2016Traffic12/13/20169:30South side 5th st bw 8th &Ppw
Truck making food delivery on 8th Ave (11/17/16)Traffic, Vehicle obstructing roadNov 17, 2016Traffic11/17/168:08am8th Ave bet 5th and 6th St
Truck making pickup or delivery to NYM illegally parkedTraffic, Vehicle obstructing roadNov 14, 2016TrafficNov 14, 20168:15am8th Ave bet 5th and 6th St